Since 2008, the YPL team has been involved in different aspects of beauty from performing treatments, serving as trainers to students, and importing a number of well renowned, high quality brands. The YPL team is an all rounder in the field of beauty and related products and services. We are committed to ensure that you get only the best service and products for you and your final clients.

We consider ourselves to be innovative and reliable, and we have a prestigious and successful history to show this. Over the years we feel we’ve become a trustworthy distributor and first-class training provider for beauticians, makeup artists and nail technicians. Our facilities are stocked with a vast range of products that are readily available to you in order to capture your clientele with an excellent level of service.

One single aim, at YPL we strive to assist our clients and ensure that they only get the best in terms of training and products in order to be able to promote their professional services and products to their own clients. We believe that our customers deserve commitment from us therefore we always ensure that we give you our utmost.